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Orders fell 19% Y/Y as the operating environment for Power continues to deteriorate. Overcapacity in the segment persists, as well as lower demand for equipment. Long-term, the 25 to 30 gigawatt market will drive the Power segment. Management is adjusting to this trend. Revenue fell 25% and will likely fall in 2019 due to waning demand and pricing pressure.

While the wooden wands sold in Harry Potter shops aren’t actually going to create magic (only imaginative journeys of wonder, then sadness), there are some "wands" that will fill the hole in your life that is a trip to Ollivander’s.

Once the system was implemented the mining company introduced a procedure for operators to ensure the traffic lamps changed back to green after tipping to indicate the pass is clear of material.

No doubt, a flashlight is one tool that must work for law enforcement. When purchasing a flashlight, take a closer look at the battery size and chemistry. Some battery chemistries include lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate, nickel-metal hydride and alkaline, to name a few. It’s important to know the differences between each, says Russell Hoppe, marketing manager at Nightstick. “A nickel-metal hydride battery will start to crystallize inside every time you charge and discharge the battery,” he says. “That crystallization is called memory effect and that causes your flashlight to constantly need to be charged.”The NSR-9854XL USB Rechargeable Xtreme Lumens™ Multi-Function Tactical Dual-Light™ Flashlight uses a CREE® LED rated at 850 lumens. A 200 lumen unfocused floodlight is integrated in to the housing for close-up illumination. Both the flashlight and the floodlight can be turned on at the same time. Dual light is unique technology where a beam a traditional beam of light comes out of the candlestick end and a secondary LED that points down towards the feet and illuminates an 8 foot spread.Nightstick

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If you’re only investing in one flashlight it’s worth picking one that is waterproof, or at least water resistant, and that either has good battery life (over 10 hours on high beam is a good bet) or is rechargeable.

Because LED flashlights are so extraordinarily bright, those high/low/medium modes are genuinely useful though. Some even have an extra-low "moonlight" mode which is good for reading under your covers at night, retaining night vision while outdoors or being sneaky. Bonus points to any light that turns on in medium, that’ll be your most-used setting. The ability to remember which mode you used last, and fire up in that, can also be useful but also approaches the realm of frippery.

The artwork is being created by local artist Melvin Morris, Southerland said. It was made possible in large part by a donation from and the efforts of Lucy Simmons, a retired teacher and a supporter of the local arts community.

Strolling along the streets of the seven-block historic district takes one past havens for runaways. Wright’s home at 80 W. State St., built as a station on the UGRR, is now the Wright House Bed & Breakfast and one of 27 sites listed on “A Walk into History,” a self-guided walking tour map developed by the Springboro Chamber of Commerce.

Hot Selling for 120 Volt Led Step Lights -<br />
 LED underground light - Szdera

“Poems on the Underground” was a project launched on London’s train system in 1986 in an effort to bring poetry to a wider audience. It has since been replicated in various forms in cities around the world.

Why that should be so is a question scientists have been asking for more than 400 years. Everyone from Johannes Kepler to Edmond Halley has had a go at trying to figure it out. But it was German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers who gave his name to the paradox of the dark sky. Olbers wondered: If the universe is infinite, and there are an infinite number of infinitely old stars, why isn’t the light from those stars visible from Earth? If it were, the night sky would be bright, not dark.

Senate Bill 118, introduced by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, would create a national standard for the use of the phrase. It would make the federal government the authority in setting country-of-origin labeling standards.

I made a ring light for a 8x microscope that way. Four white leds in series, with three strings. And used a LM317 to control brightness, though I pretty much found I used maximum brightness every time.

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