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To confront the issues wrought by LEDs, the City of Westlake adopted a new lighting ordinance in 2018 for commercial exterior lighting – including apartment and townhouse complexes, churches and other institutions in residential districts; and retail, office and all other commercial properties. Lighting contractors were put on notice a year ago about the requirements of the new lighting code.

The Floodlights Market Report estimates eyewitness growth throughout the forecast years. The industry report lists the important participants and provides the insights strategic industry analysis of the key factors manipulating the market.

“Historically, the legislature has underfunded transportation causing the need for toll roads. With recent increases in transportation funding, Texas needs a strategy to rid our roadways of toll roads.” Shaheen said.

1: DIY Build’s Sun-Blaster is outputting less than 14,000 lumens. Anthem One outputs 20,000 – 30,000, depending on the Light Card.

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More funding for a project that carried a $750,000 price tag was found in 2018, Love said. Sen. Danny Britt Jr. helped the city get $250,000 more in government money. The city steered $100,000 of that money to the Riverwalk project.

The SY2X140S is equipped with 10 LEDs, 2,000 lumens and a power output of 29 watts, and the SY3X140S has 15 LEDs, 1,500 lumens, and a power output of 30 watts. Both have durable aluminum housing, stainless steel mounting hardware and more than 30,000 working hours, the company said, and they come with a three-year warranty.

Ok, here is the real motivation for this post. I’m waiting for a new camera, the FLIR ONE. This thing looks super awesome. It’s basically an attachment for the iPhone 5 or 5s that allows you to capture IR images. Oh? That’s not good enough? Not only will this fit in your pocket, but it won’t break your pocketbook. According to this post, the FLIR ONE is only $349. Yup.

Topics covered: energy, green building, transportation, waste solutions, connectivity, policy and more.

CCT switch down light

Another reason LED light tools have become so popular is that anyone can benefit from a little light action. “LED lights are often used after facials or other cosmetic procedures and so can really be used by anyone if they want to improve mild acne, build collagen, or improve circulation,” explains Shari Marchbein, MD FAAD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology, NYU School of Medicine in New York City.

The council, which oversees regional transportation planning and doles out some federal funds for highway and transit projects, approved a resolution Friday supporting further development of segment B, the portion from Texas 288 to I-45.

Water from a nearby spring is accessed by a cistern in the basement kitchen, which to this day is still filled with clear, clean water. Unusual for its time, it was designed so no one would see the large amounts of water consumed by those inside.

NASA on Friday gave SpaceX the green light to test a new crew capsule by first sending an unmanned craft with a life-sized mannequin to the International Space Station.

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