Detailed Inspection of Linear Wall Washer

Nowadays, linear wall washer lamps are more and more popular, whether it is holiday outfits, car outfits, or home, walls, advertising signs, etc., linear wall washers can be used. So, how to check the details during installation?

First of all,look at the label on the lamp. Generally, regular linear lamp manufacturers will affix a label to indicate the specific parameters of the product before the lamp leaves the factory. We can use the label to see the voltage used by the linear lamp.

Secondly,when there is no label on the lamp to indicate the voltage, if the lamp is transparent glue, when the components inside the lamp body can be clearly seen, it can be judged by the number of lamp beads, resistance, capacitance and other components. Then test the lighting condition of the lamp from low to high voltage, during which some electrical test tools can be used to assist the test. If the internal components of the lamp body cannot be seen clearly, the lamp needs to be disassembled for inspection.

Thirdly,according to the different color temperature and the number of chips, the voltage of each LED lamp is different.It should be tested by a professional engineer or technician.

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