Garden Lights

The garden light is an outdoor road lighting fixture. Its main components are composed of a light source, lamps, poles, flanges and foundation embedded parts.

Garden lights are used widely in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places for outdoor lighting due to their diversity and aesthetics. It not only can extend people’s outdoor activities, but also improve the safety.

Since the development of garden lights, according to the different use environment and design styles, different types have been derived, which are divided into European style courtyard lights, modern courtyard lights and classical courtyard lights.

The design style of European-style courtyard lamps mostly adopts some European-style artistic elements from European countries, and adds abstract expressions.

The design style of modern courtyard lights mostly adopts modern artistic elements, and uses simple techniques to express.

The design of classical courtyard lamps mostly adopts Chinese classical elements, which are used and modified.

The three types of garden lights represent different styles.They are loved by different people.

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