How to Judge The Quality of LED Downlights?

Although LED downlights are almost necessary for every home decoration, the products on the market are mixed, how to judge the quality of LED downlights?

First, when buying LED downlights, the first thing we have to do is to check the appearance of the lamps. Whether the parts are complete, whether there is wear, etc.

In addition, according to the actual needs of the home, it is necessary to measure whether the various parameters of the appearance of the lamp body meet the requirements.

Second, check if there is any flicker. Because strobe will damage your eyesight seriously.

Third,the light distribution design affects the light output of the lamps directly. Living in an environment with glare for a long time will damage your eyesight. Therefore, when buying downlights, you must pay attention to the light distribution design, and the main lighting fixture must choose LED downlights with good anti-glare effect.

At last,remember to check the qualification certification, whether it has 3C, CE certification, etc.

Szdera Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 , also known as LED Luminaires Manufacturing Organization. Our Factory has ISO9001:2008 standard.The most of our lamps have obtained ETL&DLC certificates.

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