LED Garden Lights

Nowadays, people’s aesthetics is getting higher and higher, and the artistic garden lights are used widely for decoration. Why are garden lights an LED light source?

  Firstly,it is energy saving and environmental protection.The energy consumption of the LED light source is small. Under the same brightness conditions, the electricity consumed by the LED light source is equivalent to one-sixth of the sodium lamp, and its price is not more expensive than the sodium lamp. Therefore, LED garden lights are more popular.

  Secondly,it has a long service life.Because the LED chip in the LED light source is highly adaptable to various environments, and the light attenuation of the LED light source is small, and it is still very bright after several years of use.It has reliable security.

  Thirdly,it has high luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency and lumen value of the LED light source are much greater than that of the traditional sodium light source. With the same power LED light source and sodium lamp, the brightness of the LED light source is 6 times that of the sodium lamp.

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