Linear Wall Washer

The linear wall washer has a slender shape, which can match the layout of the building’s interior.The linear wall washer also can be creative and diversified according to the needs of the owner or the decoration style, then makes the office environment more vivid.

After careful design and layout, the lights can become unique decorations and scenery lines in the office, which is impressive.

The linear wall washer is covered with the light-emitting mode of the light diffusion lens, and an effect can be seen. The function of light diffusion is to stretch the beam to the left and right to achieve a brightening effect without dark areas.

The linear wall washer is used for wall contour lighting and outdoor screen lighting. Whether linear wall washer can be used for curtain wall lighting requires users to express more clearly whether they want to use linear wall washer lights as curtain wall lights.In addition, voltage tests must be done to avoid the application of unsuitable LED lighting products and cause safety accident.

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