Size Selection of Home Downlights

There is no uniform standard for the distance between downlights. Several downlights are designed on the same surface. When installing, it is enough to divide them equally according to the number of installations and the brightness of the light source. It can also be determined according to the indoor space, which needs to be determined according to the length of the wall or the ceiling.

It can be considered from multiple aspects and cannot be determined uniformly.

The purchase of downlights is mainly based on three aspects, panel material, lamp cap safety, and reflectivity. Downlights are divided into home decoration and tooling.

The home decoration is generally 2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches.The tooling generally uses 4 inch-8 inch specifications.

To understand the size of household downlights and related other aspects from different aspects, you need to choose according to actual preferences when you choose. I sincerely hope that you can choose a good home downlight.

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