The Composition of LED downlights

The LED downlights are mainly composed of chips, radiators, power supplies and lampshades from the perspective of composition.Every mechanism has a great influence on the life of LED downlights.

High-quality LED downlights are inseparable from good LED chips. High-quality LED chips have high luminous efficiency, low temperature rise, high color rendering index, high junction temperature and antistatic. Inferior chips will shorten the service life of LED lamps in advance.

The heat dissipation performance affects the service life of the LED downlights directly. Since the LED chip generates a large amount of heat during operation, if it is not discharged in time, the heat accumulated by the lamp will damage the LED chip and even various parts, the entire lamp be damaged in advance and light decay.

In many cases, problems with LED downlights may be due to driver failures. The electrolyte inside the low-quality driving power supply will continue to evaporate in large quantities over time and under the influence of thermal energy, which will premature the premature aging of the lamp.

The reflector cup is responsible for the secondary light distribution of LED downlights. At present, the reflector cup usually has frosted type, milky white type, transparent reflector cup and light diffusion reflector cup.

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