Tips for Choosing the Shell of LED Outdoor Floodlights

Buing a satisfactory LED outdoor floodlight is the expectation of every customer.The main raw materials of the LED floodlight include the lamp body shell, LED lamp beads and LED power supply.

A good project-light lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy through die casting, and then formed by grinding, polishing, painting and other processes, then drilling and tapping to complete the semi-finished shell.

The housing of the LED floodlight helps the LED lamp beads to dissipate the heat quickly, which plays a decisive role in the power, life, brightness, light decay and other parameters of the product.

The shell of LED flood light is mainly composed of aluminum alloy. The price of aluminum alloy, the thickness of the shell, the height of the radiator and the number of ribs affect the price of the product directly, and also affect the quality of the product.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose LED floodlights carefully, and compare the parameters and raw material gaps of each product.

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